Monday, January 2, 2012

Without change ...

Found this picture dated 09.09.98 ... what's with the attitude face?  Gotta definitely lose that in 2012.  Painting Santa 14 years ago ... somethings never change!  But some things must!  Just sent a memo to my work peeps this past week that started with this quote ...

Without change, there would be no butterflies.
- Anonymous

There needs to be some changing going on in 2012!
There needs to be more butterflies!
Wishing you all a happy,
healthy and creative 2012!
and thank YOU much for your support and inspiration!


  1. You were probably busy and got distracted. Either way, the picture is still a good one. It shows an artist who is laying out the paints needed for what she is working on. I get an attitude when my husband walks into my studio. I lose the energy I was feeling. Hey, Happy New Year.

  2. To me the picture looks like someone who was concentrating on her painting and then being pulled away from her work. Wishing you many moments of creativity in 2012.

  3. Gloria and Madeline: Thx for your visit and comments! Gloria ... I think it WAS my husband, if I remember correctly. Was painting at his family's beach cottage, maybe he disrupted my "Im at the beach painting mojo" :) thx for the wishes Madeline ... many moments of creativity in 2012 would be perfect! Happy 2012 girls ... let's do it!!!


thx for the note! i do appreciate your time!

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