Monday, April 23, 2012

Driftwood Furniture

 Driftwood is so very cool!  Have been collecting a piece here and a piece there for years.  My 'beach people' friends  ... (YOU know who you are ... Tim, Brenda, Paul, Rick, Linda ... did I forget anyone?) are even procuring pieces for me. 
 So yesterday I said to Rog, "I have a project for you!". 
Frank M.  remember what you used to say about Rog?  Look what he created in the workshop?  I might not let him out of there!
 I LOVE this little table ... so much personality!  So Beachy!

Keep that driftwood coming!
How cool would a job searching beaches for driftwood,
sea glass and sea marbles be?
Have a sweet week!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Paint Party Friday Check In and ...

 It's PPF's week 5, year 2 check in!  Check out featured artist, Marcia Beckett and the works of many other artists.

 The Ladybugs have landed!  Sunflower bird cottage in the morning sun. 

 LOVE Ladybugs!

 Will add a wire hanger and embellish with some beads

 Had to share pics of my NEW Easel ... It's the BEST!  Did a lot of research to spend these pennies and I am very pleased with it.  Very well made in the USA and very sturdy.  Husband says, "now you can start producing some quality art."  What the heck have I been producing until now?

 playing with painting on driftwood and LOVING it! 

The canvas is next ..

have a sweet, successful, healthy and creative week!

Friday, April 6, 2012

PPF, Week 4, Year 2 check in ... WIP's and Words???

This weeks' works in progress ...

Chinese bottle gourd birdhouse with sunflowers
still needs stems and ladybugs, etc.

Angel with HEART
needs a face

Kristin and Eva at Paint Party Friday - Let's Play
are looking for featured artists!
Visit PPF to see what's happening there this week.

working on my words ...
let's see if I get them done!

If you celebrate Easter ... have a Blessed Holiday,
hoping you have a very creative and rewarding week in all that you do! 

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Designing my BLISS

Ya do what ya do, for whatever reason, when you do it! 

So in an effort to design MY BLISS and the BLISS of my folks and pups (for a complete list of folks and pups please leave a comment to this post) , I start a new schedule for April today.  Working at my 'pays the bills job' from 3:30 p.m. until 11:30 p.m.   Got so much done already today ...
 Morning sun cascading through the new fence highlighting my 'Good Karma' Celtic garden prayer flags that I acquired years ago and dug out of storage.
The girls enjoying the new fence daddy bought them while mom cleans out the rock gardens with all the leaves and pine needles that she couldn't pick up in the fall.
Lexi overseeing her domain and squirrel watching!
(pic from the kitchen window)

I've got it all now  ...
even the picket fence and the garden gate!
Very blessed and grateful!

have a magical week!
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