Tuesday, January 29, 2013

'fabric' Jesus

I sewed this representation of Jesus on the cross over 30 years ago on an old black vintage Singer sewing machine.  Was amazed how well it came out.  It was a perfect travel crucifix and always accompanied me where ever my suitcase went.  Rog took my suitcase for his most recent airplane trip and spent the entire day at the airport.  His airplane never arrived to pick him up causing him to miss his connecting flight out of Philly.  He returned home the very same day.  He had taken Jesus out of the suitcase and left him on the dresser.  I returned Jesus to his suitcase and Rog set off again.  The 1st leg of his trip was uneventful and took off right on time.  'Chaos' tried messing with the 2nd leg and I received 2 automated calls from the airline informing me that the 2nd leg would be detained from 3:45 p.m. to 4:44 p.m. and then to 5:24 p.m. due to maintenance issues from a prior flight.  And then the 3rd call came saying that the flight had returned to its original take-off time (and eventually landed prior to the original estimated landing time).  Ya don’t mess with Jesus!  I don’t mess with Jesus!  'Chaos' tried but Jesus won!  Rog calls him ‘fabric Jesus’ and you can believe what you want ...
But I won’t ever fly without Him!  Prayer helps too!

thank you Jesus!

Friday, January 18, 2013

PPF & the buoys

So my Uncle Richard (1916 - 1995) had these 3 buoys from Maine hanging in a nautical collection on his house forever.  I procured these treasures from my Cousin Kathy (thank you Cousin), restored and repainted them with some Caribbean colors (but left hints of the original red and blue) and added numbers from 6 addresses where I have lived.  They originated from
284 Moore Hill Drive
and I've lived at
369 Ivy Drive, and
71 Renee Street, and
492 Plainville Avenue, and
41 Tanglewood Road, and
finally, and originally at,
40 Knoll Street
... just 3 buoys and so many combinations of numbers that worked!  Can't wait to get them outside to embellish by beach themed deck away-from-the-sea!
Check out Paint Party Friday and the announcement for the upcoming
PPF Auction Blog Hop
to Benefit The Sandy Hook Elementary School!
happy PPF!
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