Friday, April 29, 2011

ppf #7 and stuff I do

powered by Dunkin's new 'Dewlatta' and half price after Easter peeps (didn't have any of Kristin's yummy chocolate covered peep pops) ... I didn't get too much done this week. Did make a cute little gift tag and card for the best "administrative professional" in the world, but was trying to beat the clock to get it to her on Wednesday and never took a pic of it. I love the way Paint Party Friday makes me produce something! As you know, I will paint anything! I love giving pieces a 2nd chance and saving them from the dump, I'm all about repurposed creations. Simply painted the below buoy for a friend with a summer home cottage address with 'Sign Painter's 1 Shot Lettering Enamel'. Bet the mailman and the pizza delivery guy LOVE it!

... sketched the below back in 1978 (HOLY COW) and gave it to my Mom for Mother's Day. If I remember correctly, it was something about tall strong oaks and the little sprouts that come from them and how they are connected. My mom was awesome ... strong, determined, smart and very caring, and she never gave up on having me and would do anything for my sister and I. Miss you MOM ...

so please ... remember EVERY WOMAN who has ever hugged a baby, kissed a boo-boo and dried a tear, taught a lesson, listened closely, cared deeply ... and passed on her love and wisdom to someone in this world who really needed her (can't remember who said this) ... this upcoming Mother's Day - K?

p.s. please go visit the work linked from ppf - great stuff!

Friday, April 22, 2011

grabbed a few vaca days & PPF check in!


(His creation ...)

and mine ...

Paint Party Friday arrived at the perfect time for me ... thank you Kristen and Eva! Focusing on, and strengthening my God given talents and liking how that feels, has added new direction to my quest. I grabbed a few vaca days this week with Rog (thx to Larry and Miriam), saw a real live manatee just passing by, started a sketch book/artist journal (again), found my 20 year plus 'travel' Windsor & Newton Water Colours and played with some awesome words -

thank YOU Vincent!



Happy Easter!

Monday, April 18, 2011

on their way to Oregon

on their way to Oregon with business cards I whipped up last night and my first attempt at ATC's. Helping Hands for Japan!
have a great week!

Friday, April 15, 2011

PPF and help, hope, heal, and health for Japan

Paint Party Friday check in and almost done with my Helping Hands for Japan. Below pics taken while my little fan is actually trying to rush the drying process. I learned a lot with this project and although they are not perfect they get the message across and I hope they bring a few $$$ at the auction to benefit the Red Cross Japanese Earthquake/Tsunami Relief Fund. Started with thinly sliced pine helping hands ...

stamped the words health, help, heal and hope. Included a Japanese flag bracelet on each wrist, a dove (signifying hope), a bleeding heart broken and held together by 'peace' and then stained these hands to make them look like they were hard working helping hands ...

commissioned Rog to write a bit of Haiku ...

a wave from beyond

shatters lives and dashes dreams

hope, health, hearts, restored

(NICE job Rog!)

... and one of my favorite all time quotes

"If only all the hands that reach could touch"

~ Mary A. Loberg

(my favorite sides)

a little cord or ribbon and bead embellishment and they will be all done ... they need to be in OR by the 30th.

... thx for visiting

Friday, April 8, 2011

Helping Hands for Japan and PPF Check In

Another Friday and I'm checking in for Paint Part Friday week #4. Visit PPF and check out the work of all the artists that stop by! Found a new project this week! Can't remember how I got there (I just wander and come across these great things). Found it on fb ... Artists coming together to aid in the relief of the recent tragedies in Japan (thank YOU Robin for organizing it). HELPING HANDS FOR JAPAN Check it out as soon as possible - all donations for the auction must be received by April 30th! All proceeds will be donated to the Red Cross Japanese Earthquake/Tsunami relief fund. Rog cut out my traced hands from some thinly sliced pine (and the heart too) ... now I just have to create ... wish me luck!

The chair waits in the bowels of the basement for a couple of coats of outdoor Spar urethane. The sea grass hasn't started to grow yet ... so there is still time and I have helping hands to finish first!

Thank YOU for the visit!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Paint Party Friday - Week 3

It's Friday again - where does the week go? Paint Party Friday Day! Eva and Kristen have kept me focused (Thank YOU). Visit PPF and check out all the talent there!

Remember scrap wood watermelon from vintage ironing board?

she's complete ... a little vaca memory piece for the upcoming summer. Haven't created the memories yet, but I'm sure somebody will ...
words or no words (she's reversible), I like words, most of the time ... This project is for me! I'm a chairaholic. I pick odd chairs up at tag and estate sales. None of them ever match (My kitchen chairs were purchased brand new from the Hitchcock chair factory and none of them match either - but they are all beautiful. I appreciate their differences and they all work well together). Back to this project. This chair has history and originally I was going to restore it. It made it's way to a far corner of the basement and sat for years. Space is a commodity in my basement and it needed to go - I certainly did not need another chair IN the house, so I had Rog cut of her spindly broken legs and I am painting her with COLOR! When she is done I will move her OUTSIDE to the garden and beach grass will grow up through the seat (even has her own sun rays), YARDART. Can't wait to see what the neighbors think!

I'll post more pics when she's done.

Still working on PEACE ...

still missing something ...

I LOVE PPF ... it's an all week thing for me! thx for stopping by ...
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