Friday, March 25, 2011

Paint Party Friday check in ...

Visit Paint Party Friday to see the work of some amazing artists! I am in awe of just what they accomplish in 7 days. I picked up a brush this week and painted 18 watermelon seeds and that was it! My inherited Buick did not travel well in the snow this year and Rog talked me into buying a new car. Picking her up today ... but NOW I'LL NEVER GET TO QUIT MY DAY JOB with these car payments. I want to turn my 'hobby' into a full time job. Why do I cling soooo tightly to the twigs of my little nest ... I'm so afraid to jump ... what if I can't fly?

Pics below are previous pieces, going to get some painting done this weekend, and later today will visit my Paint Party Peeps Places (blogs,etc.) for inspiration!

have a colorful week!
thx for visiting ...

Friday, March 18, 2011

Paint Party Friday!

This Just Might Work!

Invited myself to 'Paint Party Friday'. Woke up this morning and had to make good on my word, and the only way I could make good on my word this a.m., was if I had created during the week (and I did). So here you go - all works in progress!

Some of the GOURDS arrived this week! ... soon to be Halloween pumpkin creatures created by me, born and raised in KY and GA.

Remember Easter Bunny (the vintage ironing board)? Well I had Rog cut the bottom off the ironing board before I created Bunny and the twins so she'd be a more stable Mom. I hate to throw anything away!

The piece that Rog took off made a perfect watermelon slice of Spring/Summer. Rog is the muscle behind most of my repurposed creations. I design my quirky creation and he does most of my home-based 'workshop' adjustments. He carved or sawed my little 'bite' right where I wanted it (thx Rog). It still needs SEEDS and WORDS, stands perfectly, and is reversible!

... bought these vintage sock stretchers at "Boomerang Used Furniture and Funky Stuff, Ltd." in Plymouth, NH. GREAT STUFF there! You can get some great prices at consignment and thrift stores. Bought them before Christmas, left them near the Christmas tree, puppy chewed one of the toes, had to sand and adjust to remove the teeth marks and painted them red. Another W.I.P.! Love the WORDS, "Peace on Earth", but it needs more ... perfect holiday door decoration or hanging from a old stone hearth at Christmas.

So, I'm getting stuff done! Thx for the push Kristin and Eva!

Friday, March 11, 2011

I'm invited to a parrrty!

I'm invited to a parrrrty ... (can you hear the song in my voice?) Well, I sort of invited myself, but if you love to paint you can come too! It's Paint Party Friday. I sorta said I'd try to go, but now I'm actually listed as a 'Paint Player'. So I'm in ... the pressure is on. Wanna come with me? Going to check in every Friday, starting March 18th. I'm committed .... oh what to do???? Hope to see you there! ... anything that makes the procrastinator in me move out and involves paint is a wonderful thing! Thx Kristin & Eva!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

finished an Easter piece BEFORE Easter!

Just finished this Easter piece, BEFORE Easter. I think I'm finally getting it. I'm such a procrastinator. Another well utilized vintage ironing board repurposed into an Easter bunny mom with an Easter bonnet and twin Easter bunny babies. Bunny mom stands firmly planted in a patch of Easter 4-leaf clovers and carries an Easter basket brimming with decorated eggs. A perfect piece of art to decorate your Easter entry-way. Two coats of indoor/outdoor Spar urethane to protect from occasional Spring rain and moisture, sunlight and temperature changes, if you choose to display on your front porch.

(you knew that was coming)

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