Tuesday, November 30, 2010

squeaked one more Halloween piece in

my latest in Inn and Spa signage!
rescued this old board and knew someday
it would serve a new purpose. it was full tiny holes
but sturdy and well put together. could have served as
a cutting board or an old bulletin board.
even had an 'A' written in pencil

The Witchly Inn and Spa

offering broom rides at midnight
(of course)

established in 1957
(a very good year ... it's VERY old)
and also the birth year of this artist
a perfect addition to a Halloween collection

Friday, November 19, 2010

Carved the Thanksgiving pumpkin today ...

Carved the Thanksgiving pumpkin today ... with a Dremel that Rog bought me. I bought this hardy pumpkin the 2nd week of October and never got around to carving a Halloween theme. Less than a week before Thanksgiving it was the perfect medium to leave my mark. Thankful for my family, friends, food in the old cupboards, pennies in my pocket, a relatively new roof, my job, health, and a mode of transportation (to name just a few of my many blessings). Bry is in San Diego covering the Utah/San Diego game tomorrow night and he's not coming home for Thanksgiving or Christmas this year. Wants to attend a Bowl Game between internships before he graduates. Thought it made perfect sense when he first shared the news with me ...
... but not quite sure how I will ever make it through both holidays with out my baby boy (It will be the 1st time in 24 years). Sending Kevin to Salt Lake for Christmas so he can be with his bro. Wish me luck!
Started working for Otis in 1989, UTC has been my safety net along the way ...

Sunday, October 24, 2010

forever Halloween friends ...

Forever Halloween gourds looking for a good home! Born and raised in McPherson, KS, made it all the way across the USA to the East coast to obtain a personality. Painted by me and embellished with custom Dana Bates beads ...
bats, ghosts and candy corns

perfect Halloween party hostess gifts

you'll never have to buy another pumpkin again

spiders everywhere

best friends (the uglies)!

Friday, October 22, 2010

created ...

... this little tag for some Halloween gourds

that need to find good homes ...

Friday, October 8, 2010

waves kiss your feet ...

Roger rescued this piece of driftwood for me (from a secret place)
but it needed a message ...
waves kiss your feet,
sand is your seat
and your friends outnumber the stars

Bella approves!
(perched on the table with her pumpkin)

"don't you just LOVE my mom's stuff?"

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Home Sweet SUMMER Home

rescued this way old cutting board from Roger's Dad's workshop a few years back (I save everything within reason, and so did Dad)26" by 18"
yellow washed it and sanded the edges

penciled a few words

and ta-da ...

a lake house sign for a family summer home
on Caspian Lake in VT.
embellished with acorns and a oak leaf

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

wishes along the way ...

Here I am back in 1975 ... popped this right out of the 1975
St. Paul Catholic High School yearbook. This was my informal shot and you got to write whatever you wanted (within reason) below your photo ... my wish back then, "If only the hands that reach ... could touch" (they called me ger and r.s.c. was an old boyfriend). I didn't give her credit back then but I guess
Mary A. Loberg said
"if only ALL the hands that reach could touch ..."
sorry Mary!
That wish meant a lot to me then ~ i liked it a lot and i've had many wishes along the way. My sister (MiSHELL ... it's really spelled 'Michele' ... i'm just running with the SHELL thing) gave me the bar stool below (thx SHELL). Bar stool has a story too, but we aren't going to share that story now.
This is my new studio stool - all done!

and it needed a wish ... my wish of this summer day ... was ...
"may you always have a seashell in your pocket
and sand between your toes ... "

i tied tiny glass beads and seashells that Mother Nature had already put holes in on ocean blue waxed cotton cord to the upper stool rungs

i wish ...
i always had a seashell in my pocket and sand between my toes!
... have a great rest-of-your week
what's YOUR wish?

Sunday, July 11, 2010

... you can visit me HERE ... while this blog is coming together! Thank YOU for your patience!
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