Thursday, January 26, 2012

Artful Bird Cottage & PPF #46

 i was amazed the first time i saw an apple gourd ...
it looks just like a giant apple!
 a perfect critter cottage for my bird friends
has a 1&1/2 inch centered hole
about 3 inches above the floor
wire hanger with wooden beads
a natural twig perch

 "an apple a day ... keeps the Dr. away"
somebody said!
heart shaped apples in the tree

finished with organic shellac to seal the surface
complete with 4 drainage holes
in the critter cottage bottom!
up for sale in my Etsy studio soon!

Visit Paint Party Friday where artists have been gathering for 46 weeks (painting and partying!).  Kristin and Eva's creation!  I've been there since the beginning!  Sure I missed a few weeks ... and I really missed them during those weeks.  Wish every day was Paint Party Friday!

Have a GREAT weekend!


  1. wow they are totally amazing, love them all. Happy PPF, Annette x

  2. APPLE gourds! Wow! Definitely I have never heard of them but they are fascinating and your painting on them - wonderful! (I keep looking for the worm to poke his head out of that hole...)

  3. I've never seen an apple gourd and am really impressed with what you've done with this one. Happy PPF.

  4. This is wonderful, they do look just like apples!

  5. Gourds are one of the best things in nature! Very pretty houses you have here, your birdies will love them! ♥

  6. Dang this is cute! I'm surprised you don't have birds pecking at your windows asking when it will be available to rent.

  7. These are so totally awesome.... they are fun and whimsical but are also just so freaking cool!!!! happy ppf

  8. Awesome creation ~ an apple ~ wow! ~namaste, Carol (Share the Creative Journey) Happy PPF

  9. It looks so cosy - like a critter boutique hotel!

  10. Gourd painting! now that looks like fun. Happy PPF

  11. How charming is this Bird House?!
    Amazing how much the gourds look like apples.
    Happy PPF!
    Sheri Cook/HappyHorseStudio

  12. When I look at your comments here, Ger - I see "reply" so I guess you figured it out! (Which is great because I don't know what, if anything, I did to get it! lol)

    1. Thx Eva! I did figure it out ... but never would have know about it if it wasn't for you! Thx for sharing! Happy PPF on a Sunday nite!

  13. So cute!
    The birds will love it! :)

    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  14. Those are the most adorable bird houses! Happy PPF :)

  15. I love this gourd, I haven't seen anything like this before & it's great! Happy PPF :)

  16. Rich, beautiful colours. I love this.

    Happy PPF!!

  17. Love your gourds. I too work with them. They make the best canvas. I bead most of mine.

  18. That's a wonderful bird cottage!!! What a great place to raise a family.

  19. WOW! Such a unique and cool idea! I am really impressed! Thanks for your kind visit and for sharing this with us here, xo

  20. Great gourds. They are just beautiful.


thx for the note! i do appreciate your time!

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