Saturday, April 27, 2013

ladder plant stand with ❤

i found this sweet old ladder (already painted) at a consignment shop in Portsmouth, NH.  Shell and Bruce transported it for me and it has been in the basement for over a year now.  Had to have it, but I hadn't planned to do this with it.  Was ready to go buy some boards to make the shelves when i decided to use two of my vintage ironing boards (Rog disassembled the boards and built brackets to help position the boards on the ladder from the ironing board legs).  NOW, for the best part of the story ... LOVE when stuff just comes together!

this ironing board came from Kevin's grandmother ... Helen Veronica Lasky Beloin.  Kev swapped me for a brand new ironing board and iron.

this ironing board came from Irene Newsome Munson.  I had helped Irene with her housework and told her if she ever wanted to get rid of the vintage board I would be interested.  Shortly after she passed away, her daughter called me and said that they had found a note taped to the back of the board to give the ironing board to me.

both ironing boards were manufactured by the same company.  both Helen and Irene were very best friends while they were here on earth.  Irene was 90 and Helen was 91 years old when they departed from this earth. 
Can't wait til it warms up a bit and I can fill these shelves with flowers and herbs and treasures!

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