Friday, June 8, 2012

The Great Hammock Beach Bench - WIP

Time to refinish this once beautifully finished bench made a long time ago by Alvah Russell of Glastonbury.  Alvah was Miriam's mother's brother.  Got that?  Miriam and Larry acquired the bench, once a gift from Alvah to Miriam's Aunt Margaret.  Still following me? They gave us the bench (thank you very much) and a year on our deck exposed to the elements beat the bench up pretty bad.
So it's time to restore it! Rog sanded it all down and the top will be painted with a beachy theme, a Great Hammock beachy theme.  This is one BIG slice of wood bench.  Check out the beach bench in this blog post, not sure who painted it on Singer Island in FL, but ever since I saw it back in 2009, I always wanted to paint a BEACH bench.
so here are the BEFORE pics!
July 28th is the Great Hammock Beach Annual Summer Celebration and this bench will be ready to sit on at the celebration.  Time's a wasting, I better get started.

Wish me luck!

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